Corporations and businesses

The corporations and businesses that support The Reading Connection are essential to its growth and sustainability. A partnership with The Reading Connection offers the opportunity to demonstrate corporate responsibility and the possibility of volunteer opportunities for employees and other areas of collaboration. For more information, contact Summer Parrish, Development Director, at 703-528-8317 ext. 17. 

Sponsorship Levels

$5,000 helps support the development of a new Read-Aloud location. Click here to become a sponsor.  

$2,500 enables TRC's Book Club to mail books to 300 at-risk families for one month. Click here to become a sponsor. 

$1,000 provides a Reading Families Workshop for 20 at-risk families. Click here to become a sponsor. 

Inside TRC

13th Read-Aloud program location

Beginning in March 2017, The Reading Connection will partner with FACETS to open a new Read-Aloud program location at the Wedgewood Apartments in Annandale, Va. The Read-Aloud program reads weekly with at-risk kids at 12 other Read-Aloud locations around the metro DC region.