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Our programs give away books and make reading fun

About TRC Overview

Statistics tell us that time spent listening to books being read aloud and the presence of books in the home are the two greatest multipliers of academic success for impoverished children.  

Because food, shelter and medicine necessarily come before books and reading for impoverished families, TRC steps in with book give-aways, volunteer readers and workshops that show parents how to make reading a part of their family routine.

In addition to providing free, new age- and culturally appropriate books, our six programs reach all the adults that interact with TRC kids -- their parents, agency staff, volunteer role models and teachers -- so that kids are surrounded by the message that reading is fun and useful.  

The Read-Aloud Program
We are Readers Summer Reading Program
The Book Club
Reading Families Workshops
Literacy Advocates Trainings
Launching Young Readers

Please click on the program name in red to find out more about each one.

Inside TRC

Read-Aloud Quick Facts

Who: Must be 16+ years old (18 at some sites) and clear a background check

What: Read to kids in large and small groups, lead a fun activity, and give away books

Where: 13 locations in DC metro area

When: One hour in the evening, once per month for one year

Why: To inspire love of reading in children

How: Follow the required steps to become a volunteer