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Reading Aloud:
Reading Aloud:

Led by trained volunteers, Read-Alouds help kids in shelters, transitional housing and affordable housing sites discover the magic of books and reading.  The new kids’ books they receive in the program may be the only books they own.

Teams of volunteers plan and conduct monthly, hour-long Read-Aloud sessions at 14 sites in Washington, northern Virginia and Montgomery County, Maryland.

Reading Aloud:

Volunteers make a one-year commitment to the Read-Aloud program.  New volunteers must attend an orientation and clear a background check before volunteering.  After that, volunteers attend at least one training sessions each year, as well meet with other volunteers at their site. Online training opportunities are also available on The Reading Connection's blog.

Reading Aloud:

The Read-Aloud program provides reading role models and exposure to books, activities and conversation for 575 kids at 14 sites, improving their chances for reading success in school. 

Reading Aloud:

Once volunteers have enrolled, completed a background check and been trained, they go out to the sites to join already existing teams.  Team members plan their Read-Alouds together -- choosing a theme, several related books, an activity and sometimes a snack -- and work as a team to ensure that the hour-long Read-Alouds go smoothly. At the end of each session, the volunteers help kids select a new book to keep.

Reading Aloud:

If you want to make a difference in a child's life through reading, please follow steps one through five below. Contact Charlie Pham at cpham@thereadingconnection.org with any questions throughout the process. 


TRC's volunteers are one of its most valuable resources.  We rely on our volunteers to implement a high-quality program for the kids we serve. That means we need committed, consistent, enthusiastic, and well-trained volunteers. To get started as a Read-Aloud volunteer, please follow the five-step process below. If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process, please contact Charlie Pham at cpham@thereadingconnection.org

Step 1 - Find out if this volunteer experience is a good fit for you by reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a list of TRC's Read-Aloud sites

Step 2 - Fill out the Read-Aloud Volunteer Application. Once you complete the application, you should be directed back to this page. If you are not, please return to this page and complete steps three to five. 

Step 3 - Sign up for one of the upcoming orientation sessions below. Read-Aloud orientation sessions occur about every six weeks, and lasts for two hours. you will receive the necessary information and training at orientation to be a successful Read-Aloud volunteer. 

Step 4 - Provide background check verification. 

Option 1: You can submit a background check through Verified Volunteers for $19. 

Option 2: The only exception is current local school system staff who may use their current background check by having your administrator email confirmation to Charlie Pham at cpham@thereadingconnection.org

Step 5 - Attend your scheduled orientation. After orientation, you'll observe a Read-Aloud at your reading location and be connected with your site coordinator and volunteer team. 

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New Read-Aloud program this fall!

Beginning in September 2017, The Reading Connection will partner with the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) to open a new Read-Aloud program location at The Springs in Arlington, Va. The Read-Aloud program reads weekly with at-risk kids at 13 locations around the metro DC region.  Sign up to volunteer today.

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Read-Aloud Quick Facts

Who: Must be 16+ years old (18 at some sites) and clear a background check

What: Read to kids in large and small groups, lead a fun activity, and give away books

Where: 13 locations in DC metro area

When: One hour in the evening, once per month for one year

Why: To inspire love of reading in children

How: Follow the required steps to become a volunteer